Florida Remote Online Notary Course

This course is specially designed by notaries for notaries. The first step towards providing remote online notarizations has never been easier.

Features of RON course


2 hours

That's all it takes to complete the Ronary course. Quick and simple


Video format

Text material is combined with video lectures from a live instructor


11 lessons

Curriculum consists of 11 in-depth modules and a short quiz



Ronary Certificate of Completion is recognized by the Department of State

Course video modules

  • About Course
  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Remote Online Notarization
  • Chapter 3. RON Procedures
  • Chapter 4. Supervising the Witnessing
  • Chapter 5. Preparing the Documents
  • Chapter 6. RON Fees
  • Chapter 7. Prohibited Acts
  • Chapter 8. Resignations
  • Chapter 9. RON Glossary
  • Chapter 10. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Quiz

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Approved by the Florida Department of State


Steps to become RON


Approved by the Florida Department of State


Receive a RON course Certificate of Completion


Choose a law-compliant RON service provider


File an application with the Department of State


RON benefits you can get

  • Business
  • Individual

Attract new investors by expediting the transaction process.

Conduct business efficiently without the need for all parties to be in the same room.

Stay ahead of the competition by providing an alternative choice of service.

Avoid processing delays by making document corrections prior to digital signing.

Secure document integrity with fraud prevention and cryptographic protocols.

Save time by completing the notarization process without the need to travel.

Reduce the amount of paperwork and improve operating budgets.

Expand your clientele nationwide and promote business growth with versatile service.

Deter fraud with a 3-step identity verification protocol and live session recording.

Secure documents through tamper-evident technology, audit trail, and digital storage.

Validity of RON practice


Current number of RON notaries in Florida


211 / month - Notaries public becoming RON certified

Validity of RON practice

  • Legal Conformity

    RON is 100% recognized and approved by the US federal government and RON registration runs concurrently with your existing notary public commission

  • Official Certification

    The Ronary course is fully compliant with the state laws and regulations and the Certificate of Completion is accredited with the Florida Department of State

  • Identity Proofing

    As outlined by Florida Statutes, the 3-step identification process consists of remote ID presentation, KBA, and credential analysis to reduce risks of fraudulent activity

  • Secure Notarization

    The Secretary of State establishes RON security standards with the recording of live audio-video session and the encryption of document with tamper-evident technology


How long does it take to perform an online notarization?

Once the online notarization video session begins, the entire process takes in 5 minutes.

What is an e-Journal?

It is a secure storage of journals and recordings. Every online session is recorded using audio-video technology and being automatically saved in the e-Journal.

Can I use Skype or FaceTime to perform online notarization?

No, such apps do not meet the requirements set by Florida Statutes for performing online notarization.

Can my client get a wet signature while using RON?

Unfortunately, there is no way to combine online with traditional notarizations. We recommend your client to go forward with a traditional notarization if the company that requested a wet signature does not embrace the legal and secure technology methods. With RON session, all signatures are electronic and have the same value as wet signatures.

What technology do I need to perform RONs in Florida using RONARY?

Remote Online Notary Public will need a smart phone or tablet with camera and microphone and secure connection to the internet.

Can Florida remote Notaries perform notarizations while physically located in a different state?

While Signers and Witnesses can be located anywhere in the United States, Notaries must be physically located in their commissioning state of Florida during the notarial act.

How long is my remote online notary registration valid for?

The registration will run simultaneously with your existing notary public commission and will expire on the same day as your notary commission.

Florida Notary Renewal

A Notary Public can easily renew their commission by submitting a Notary application within 60 days before expiration of your current commission. Notaries are also required to purchase a $7,500 Florida notary bond, pay $39 for the state filing fee and finally, purchase a new notary stamp valid in Florida.

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